Changing lives and communities through meaningful occupation, supportive relationships and positive action

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. 

William James 

Our Mission

At Resilient Lives we help people help people.  

We believe in a world in which people support each other in true community, where difficulties can become strengths, time is spent meaningfully occupied, and we can learn to hold each other as we move forward.

What we do

Community-focussed business; ethical enterprises.

We wanted ways of funding our work that wasn't reliant on grants to sustain it.  We also believe that work should be meaningful, collaborative and non-exploitative, and a commercial enterprise does not have to be evil.  So we started our own business!  Pizza Pirates is a successful local enterprise that provides training and real living wage employment in a non-hierarchical environment.  We call this a therapeutic workplace, and want it to be a model for the future of work and how we give meaningful end-goals to our training programmes.

Asset-based community projects.

We work in partnership with local community organisations and residents to create successful and enjoyable community projects, workshops and training.  As advocates of a client-centred and asset-based approach, we value local expertise and strengths, and put the decisions and power in the hands of the members of the community we're working with.  We are experts at empowering people and challenging perceived ideas of what can and can't be achieved.

Supporting organisations to support each other and their beneficiaries.

Our team and partners have extensive experience working in multi-disciplinary teams and community partnerships.  We have managed projects bridging private, public and third sector organisations and are experts at ensuring people can work together effectively in partnership.  

We also have a wealth of experience advising organisations in developing peer-led services, psychologically informed environments and trauma-informed practice.

We know local organisations know their communities' needs best, we are there to help them meet those needs.

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Contact us

Telephone: 07530669419


Address: 2 Argyle Terrace, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5JJ