Pizza with Purpose

More than just amazing pizza

Pizza Pirates does things properly; we slow-ferment our dough over 72 hours, using sourdough that we can trace back over 100 years, giving exceptional depth of flavour and digestibility.  We hand-stretch all of our pizzas to order so we don't knock the air out of our bases, making them light and fluffy.  Then, we cook each pizza in our super-hot wood-fired oven, giving maximum rise to our beautiful crusts.  This is about as far away from a frozen supermarket pizza as you can get!    

By doing things properly we provide lots of opportunities to teach our staff real skills, and not just ask them to follow robotic processes.  Our approach is about the art of pizza-making; this means that no 2 pizzas are the same, and that our staff can take pride in their creations.  We know that taking pride in what we do is so important for our wellbeing!  So is being fairly rewarded, so we pay at the Real Living Wage, and ensure that our staff are regularly praised for good work, and offered support when they're struggling.  

By valuing the individuals in our team we celebrate our uniqueness and work to a standard that puts team welfare above all else.  What the point of working if it's miserable?!

Moreover, Pizza Pirates is the financial heart-beat of Resilient Lives CIC and part of our plan to become financially independent of grants as soon as we can.  This way we can run more meaningful projects for our community.  One day we want to see Pizza Pirates franchises in other areas, supporting their local communities.  If you're someone interested in supporting this, get in touch!