Our Team

Resilient Lives CIC draws on expertise from a range of sectors, all of it focussed on person-centred, community-focussed practice.  Our hearts at at the heart of what we do, and we bring our respective expertise to our projects to support our clients as holistically as we can.

Simon Dyer

Founder and Director

Simon combines his extensive experience of managing complex projects in the charity and educational sector, his knowledge of trauma-informed working, personal experience of managing his own mental health struggles, and creative energy to shape the vision and ethos of the organisation.  He has a deep passion for helping men with their mental health, supporting young people, and seeing people grow through meaningful occupation and creating community projects.  He also loves pizzas and pirates.

Maisie Clark

Occupational Therapist

Maisie is a registered mental health occupational therapist with years of experience working for charities and the NHS.  With a growing expertise in trauma-informed practice, she has worked at the front-line of community and residential mental health services and takes a thoroughly client-focussed and non-psychiatric approach to helping others understand how to manage their own trauma.  

Matt Croston


Working in the area of Social Finance, Matt has a background managing financial portfolios for large businesses.  He is passionate about helping funding reach the frontline services that need it.  He brings his planning, organisation, networking and energy to the organisation; helping us maintain our professional business approach, while remaining ethical and focussed on our social impact goals.  

Katherine Lacy


Katherine has spent a career raising money for charities and community organisations.  An expert networker, she is skilled at linking people together and ensuring that money is not only raised, but used properly.  

Edward Locke


A trained and experienced Social Worker, Ed brings his knowledge of statutory services and trauma-informed practice to the team.  He is also full of amazing ideas, a wonderful supporter of people and critical thinker.

Sima Cutting


Sima is an entrepreneur and chef who runs a successful food business providing local, seasonal and ethical food.  She is the embodiment of food as a social function, and provides supportive and nurturing food and employment to her community, as well as offering training and work experience to young people with learning disabilities.  She brings her vast knowledge of catering and community business skills to the organisation.