Sharing Food - Sharing Feelings

Helping men to open up, share and make amazing pizzas!

Dough Bro's is an innovative new wellbeing programme for men using pizza-making and sharing as a tool for bringing men together to experience the power of sharing their feelings and being authentic.  

We know that men struggle to talk about vulnerability and difficult feelings.  We also know that poor mental health in men has a tendency to result in anti-social behaviour, alcohol or substance misuse, isolation and/or, tragically, suicide.  Death by suicide is still the biggest cause of death in men under the age of 50 and around three quarters of deaths from suicides each year are men.  We know talking helps, but that men find it hard to come forward.

Dough Bro's provides an engaging, fun and effective response to this difficult situation.  By combining men's-group work with all the physical and tactile elements of making wood-fired pizzas we provide a safe and supportive space for men to talk about their wellbeing without feeling that by coming along they are compelled to talk about difficult things.  It provides permission for men to open, without putting any expectations on them.  Our facilitators help to create a space a welcoming and non-judgmental space that allows men to talk about what they want when they want.  We only ask men to speak from the heart, try to avoid replacing honesty with banter and be kind to themselves and others.

We also have a lot of fun and share amazing food!

In just over 12 months we have worked with over 100 men.  We have an average weekly group size of 12-16 men.  In our Autumn 2022 feedback report, 100% of men surveyed said it has had a positive impact in their wellbeing and relationships, and 93% say it has improved their self confidence and inspired them to make positive life-changes. 

Dough Bro's currently only runs in Totnes, Devon, but we have plans to set-up new groups anywhere that men need them.  If you're interested in finding out more or want a Dough Bro's group in your area get please get in touch,